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MensajeTema: NOTAM] NOTAM to IVAO Members   Vie Nov 21, 2014 8:38 am

Dear IVAO Member

There have been a few changes recently, and we hereby would like to advise you of the changes which are taking place.

Whazzup data change

Recently, the Board of Governors received an inquiry from the Belgian Privacy Commission regarding the public dissemination of member's names as related to the Whazzup feed. Through the course of the inquiry, it was determined that even with the permission of our users, this type of publication was not permitted under Belgian law. Accordingly, the Whazzup.txt file will soon be modified replacing the name field with just a user's VID. This will ensure continued legacy support for applications that depend on this field while ensuring our own compliance with the law.

Forum rule changes

During a recent Board of Governors meeting, changes to the forum rules were approved. The most notable change which will affect users is the use of forum nick names. In keeping with IVAO Rules, all members are now required to use their real names as nick names on the forum. The Logistics team will be updating the forum rules on the forum at the earliest opportunity and we ask that you avail yourself of the new rules as soon as they are published. By agreeing to the use of the forum, you are also agreeing to abide by the rules as stated

Privacy Policy changes

Amendments have been made to the recently released IVAO Privacy Policy – the full version can be found here. As a user of IVAO, it is important that you read the Privacy Policy and understand its content. We realize that the policy may seem lengthy, however, we hope that you will recognize the legal requirements that need to be met through the various sections.

Real world conflict and politics

Then, and on a more serious note. Real world politics, strife, conflict and IVAO don’t mix very well together. You are asked to please not involve yourself or allow yourself to be involved in real world matters. Let us leave politics and strife for those embroiled in it and enjoy our simulation.

Keep the wings level and be sure to walk away from your landings!

On behalf of the IVAO Executive Council

Best Regards

IVAO Executive Council
International Virtual Aviation Organisation
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